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Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners

The Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners is the Election Authority for Jackson County, Missouri outside the corporate limits of Kansas City, Missouri. The Board is responsible for supervising the voter registration process, maintaining the computerized voter registration database, preserving the depository for campaign finance disclosure and conducting all public elections for the State of Missouri, Jackson County and all political subdivisions within the jurisdiction. This includes federal, state, county, municipal, school district, fire district and water district elections. For a complete listing of the political sub-divisions contained in whole or part within the county click HERE to go to the"Election Information/Jurisdiction" page.

The Board, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, consists of a Chairman, Secretary and two Members. The Board makes all rules and regulations, not inconsistent with statutory provisions, necessary for the registration of voters and the conduct of elections. Pursuant to law the Board hires attorneys and staff as may be necessary to promptly and correctly perform the duties of the Election Authority.

The staff of the Board has prepared these web pages to acquaint the voters, potential voters, candidates for public office and elected officials with our office and our world of elections. Voter and candidate information has always been a priority of our office. Through the use of the Internet and this web site, we hope we can better serve the people of Jackson County and assist in making voting popular.


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